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Co. & Daise NY is a premium, small batch candle company that was founded in New York by Marcus and myself, Chelsea, during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. After weeks of just sitting at home we started candle making as a hobby but gained a further appreciation for what candles make your home smell like. With weeks of testing jars, fragrances, and wicks, we launched our first version of Co. & Daise NY candles in September 2020. Our mission statement is to provide high quality products with an exceptional customer service experience while maintaining a sense of humor about life and all its challenges! We hope you enjoy! To learn more, click the About Us page.


Co. & Daise NY is a small-batch candle company that specializes in making the perfect blend of luxury and simplicity. We pour 15 of each candle at a time so we can maintain our focus on quality, luxury, and craftsmanship, which means you will never find any inferior products here! Candles should be more than just a decoration for your space, they should be an experience. Every candle has the perfect fragrance and throws off enough light to create ambience.

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